1. The online reservation is valid only after receiving a confirmation of the booking by e-mail.
  2. We stay to the order until the end of the shop opening hours on reservation day. After this condition the reservation is invalid. If you have any reasons for not being able to fulfil the reservation we will return a deposit up until the last day before reservation beginning. After the first day of the reservation no return payments will be made.
  3. The lease contract comes into existence between the lessee and Skiverleih Finkenberg with payment of the total rent by the lessee. Up to the total payment of the rent, the rental object is not handed over by the lessor. Should differing from this the lessor exceptionally explicitly link the accomplishment of the lease contract with other conditions – so that this already comes into existence through the simple handover of the lease object – this exceptionally explicitly agreed differing proposal is considered as fixed. The customer confirms with his booking assumption that he has full legal capacity and is at least 18 years of age.
  4. The equipment rental is valid only for successive days.
  5. The obligation to pay the rent remains in force in the case of acts of nature, especially during unfavourable weather.
  6. In case of injury or disease of the lessee during the lease period, provided the presentation of a medical certificate and the immediate return of the lease object, no rent has to be paid from the date of lay-off of the medical certificate and a return of the costs for the remaining already paid lease period takes place.
  7. The rent includes the costless possibility to switch to another model of the same price range.
  8. The transfer of the lease object to third parties is forbidden.
  9. The lease object is generally not insured against fraction and theft. In the event of damage, therefore in case of fraction or theft, nevertheless retention has to be paid as follows: Basic Ski: € 150,- / Top Ski: 250,- / VIP Ski: € 350,-
  10. In case of theft the presentation of a police report is necessary. If no presentation of the police report is made, the current value of the lease object has to be refunded. In the case of malicious damage the lessee has to pay the costs of repair. Should a repair be not possible for this reason, the lessee refunds the current value of the product.
  11. Leasings after 3:00 p.m. are calculated from the following calendar day. In case of return of the lease object  before 10:00 a.m. the current calendar day is not calculated.
  12. Ski boots are adjusted at the ski binding, both lease objects correspond to the safety- related standards of the ISO-Norm 11088. In the course of handover of the lease object, however a separate safety-related inspection and setup according to ISO-/ÖNORM is not made.
  13. There is no assumption of liability for any accidents, especially the lessor is not liable for damages, which occur due to a false indication of the lessee, particularly in connection with the setting of the ski binding.
  14. Personal data, which are stated in course of the execution of businesses, are handled and utilised under attention of the valid national and European data protection regulations, only for the treatment of requests respectively online-reservations.  A permanent storage and usage of the data for marketing purposes only takes place with the explicit consent (in course of the customer registration,...) of the lessee. This consent can be cancelled at any time by mail to info@skiverleih-finkenberg.at. The data of the lessee are neither sold, no rent out or made available for third parties.
  15. Only Austrian law is considered as valid – to the exclusion of reference norm – place of jurisdiction is exclusively the court having subject-matter jurisdiction at the place of the lessor.
  16. The promoted online discounts (the dealers' special offers) are not combinable with each other.
  17. We are using Cookies which will be stored and read again by our servers on your local hard disk. Therefor a data connection will be used by ours servers. The cookies are used for simplified ordering of the booking process. The deletion has to be decided by the customer. You’re able to configure your browser to automatically accept cookies, to inform you in case of any transmission of information or to avoid any usage of cookies.